Protecting the Land that We Love...Happy Earth Day!

Protecting the Land that We Love...Happy Earth Day!

We sure are lucky to call such a beautiful place home! We don't think celebrating Earth should be confined to just one day, which is why we are continually seeking ways to lessen the impact our small company has on the planet.
It is easy to think that you're too small to make a difference, but small actions from many people do have a meaningful impact.
We have a deep appreciation for nature, and we know that our customers do too! Here are a few of the things we're doing to help out our Mother Earth...


Did you know that over 90% of product line has been granted a STANDARD 100 certification by OEKO-TEX®? Every product that carries this designation has been tested to ensure that no harmful substances have been found in any of the components of the garment. This includes fabric, zippers, sewing thread, insulation, buttons, etc.
We are committed to protecting the land that we love, and our STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification helps us to ensure that we are minimizing our environmental footprint.
Learn more about OEKO-TEX® HERE


Did you know that about 165 BILLION packages are shipped in the US each year? On average, the typical US household will throw away 13,000 pieces of cardboard in a single year, many of these coming from online shopping.⁠ 
We're happy to offer RePack, a reusable packaging option, during checkout. Made from post-consumer polypropylene, RePacks reduce Co2 by up to 80% AND remove packaging trash. Better yet, these reusable mailers can be sent back (for free!) so that they can be used again. When RePacks are sent through the mail they only use about 36 grams of CO2, which is about the equivalent of sending an email with a large attachment! ⁠

NOSO Patches

Snags can be such a drag! But a little wear and tear is no reason to say "out with the old." The US throws aways 2,150 peices of clothing each second! We can (and must) do better.  

Noso Patches are a quick, easy, and fun repair option when life gets a little rough on your nylon fabrics. Add a Noso patch to your next order so you're ready to repair on the go (and you can, because these patches are that easy!).

Need a patch? We got you! Shop NOSO Patches HERE

Upcycled Collection

When you're manufacturing clothing it is inevitable that you'll have some leftover fabric at the end. Textile waste is a huge problem in the fashion industry. In fact, the EPA estimates that 5% of our landfill space is made up of textile waste.
We couldn't let our leftover fabric go to waste, so made some fun, limited edition, styles to use up our scraps! These styles are nearly one-of-a-kind since we had limited yardage left in each color.
See our Upcycled Collection HERE.


The future of fashion is circular! Have some SKHOOP you no longer wear? We've got a resale site for that! Post your pre-loved SKHOOP items on SKHOOP Looped and earn cash or credit when your item sells. Our resale site is also a great place to find deals on all things SKHOOP....or find some long lost gems (we're looking at you metallic colors). 

Check out SKHOOP Looped HERE


We've only got one planet, let's all work together to take care of it! 

Hope you all can get outside to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful planet that we call home this weekend :) 

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