Caring for your SKHOOP

 Proper care will help extend the life of your favorite SKHOOP garment.

Down Garments:

As down is a delicate material, we recommend that you care for it gently. We recommend that you use a washing machine without a center agitator. Wash your garment with a gentle detergent (no fabric softener or bleach) on a low temperature setting and gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low with a tennis ball, clean shoe or dryer ball (these will help redistribute the feathers).

Down garments can take a awhile to dry, please be patient. We recommend that you shake your garment prior to putting it in the dryer, and then take it out of the dryer every 30-45 minutes and shake again. Note that you may need to do this several times to get the down to dry evely. 

It is common for down garments to leak a few feather here and there (more if you have a rip, tear or burn hole). As tempting as it may be, we recommend that you do not pull the feathers out. Instead, you can try snipping the end of the feather that is peeking out. If the hole is big enough, try one of our NOSO Patches to add some flair to your snag!

Synthetic Garments:

Caring for your synthetic garment is fairly simple though you should still take care as to only use gentle detergents and avoid all fabric softeners and bleach. Wash on a low-medium temperature setting and tumble dry on low.

Wool Garments:

Public Service Announcement: wool does shrink. Therefore, it is important that you wash it on a delicate cold water cycle and HANG DRY only. We’ve seen far too many wool pieces become doll clothes over the years, don’t let it happen to you!

DWR Garments:

Many of our fabrics are treated with DWR to help repel water (please note this does not mean the garment is waterproof). After a few washes, you can renew the DWR by using a spray-on or wash-in product found in many outdoor stores.

Spot Washing

Have a small stain? Go back to the basics! Dish soap with warm water works great for getting oily spots and stains out of your gear. Need something a little stronger? Fels Naptha is magic, it seriously has super powers. Added bonus, its available in the laundry aisle at most stores!