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Blister Reviews
"From running to ski touring to cold nights playing soccer, the Karolin Skirt provides a nice bit of warmth without adding any bulk."
Insulated Skirt Roundup
Blister Reviews
"The Cora Down Anorak is great for when the temperatures really start to drop but you don’t want to hibernate."
Casual Jacket Roundup- Fall 2019
Blister Review
"I was amazed at how much warmth there was around my hips, when I put my hand under the skirt to test it out. I'm guessing it added at least 8-10F degrees of warmth under there."
SKHOOP Mini Down Skirt
Girl on a Hike
""Keep warm while rocking a the stylish Celine Tunic over leggings" "
Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoors Woman
"An all-around great skirt, ideal for both the mountains and around town!"
Spring Gear Guide 2018
Hike Like A Woman
"I wear my skirt downhill skiing, XC skiing, walking, hiking, sledding and around my house when I didn’t want to turn up the heat. I love the look of it and the fact that my legs and bum are just warmer."
Favorite Gear to Straddle the Seasons for Women
Tales of a Mountain Mama
""I’m obsessed with this garment. It is a mitten for your legs. It has more warmth than snow pants with none of that weird bulky-clothing claustrophobia. I’ve worn it every day this month for shoveling snow, chopping meat, running errands, attending bonfires, and even doing some dogsled training runs. I am genuinely resentful when I can’t wear it because it’s in the wash.""
The Best Performance Skirts
Outside Magazine
""It's a combo of fashion and function that is a MUST for embracing winter.""
Apres Ski Outfit
""Designed for women by women to worn for every imaginable outdoor activity.""
2017 Momtrends Family Ski Guide
Mom Trends
"Skhoop's mission was to reduce textile waste and not have their fabric end up on the landfill. We call these guys the early adopters of the patch world."
Noso Patches Finds Outlets at Active Wear Companies
Jackson Hole News & Guide
"Why should any kickass woman who loves being outdoors ever have to freeze her butt off?"
T9 Movers & Makers
Title Nine
" I run in them, throw them on over running tights for school pick-up and a grocery trip, and lounge in them the rest of the day knowing that my bum is warm, cozy, and as a bonus, modestly covered. "
Skhoop Gretchen WINDSTOPPER Skirt
I Run Far
"Insulated skirts are my winter weakness. Because I just get plain sick and tired of wearing snow pants. "
A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!
Tales of a Mountain Mama
"The Supreme Thermium Short Skirt- made from waterproof-breathable Gore-Tex, it’s ideal for wet-coast, er, west-coast skiers wanting to keep their butts dry while sitting on soggy chairlift seats"
What Women Want
Ski Canada Magazine
"ou won’t bash through gates while wearing these Scandi-chic stockings. Which is why we love them. The tight fit and thick wool make for happy feet. "
The Best Women's Aprés Gear of 2017
Outside Magazine
"The Gretchen Mini is truly in an elite category of insulated skirts. Although it looks sweet on a winter morning coffee run, this mini can handle seriously intense weather. "
Best Gifts For: Outdoor Women With Style
Gear Institute
"This Swedish company knows how to insulate you from winter temperatures using natural materials like wool that are known for their warming properties."
11 Performance-Wear Outfits You’ll Actually Want to Wear While Traveling
Smarter Travel
"On all occasions, the shirt has been comfortable and breathable"
Fitness Travel Gear
"Let me introduce my favorite piece of clothing: the Skhoop Down Skirt"
Chicks Gear Review: Skhoop Skirts Rock!
Chicks Climbing and Skiing
"I packed this skirt for a 17-day trip to New England last month and found many opportunities to wear the comfortable item, including casual days spent sightseeing and evenings out on the town"
Versatile Summer Skirt for Travel by Skhoop
The Vacation Gals
"The latest Skhoop skirt is made from Gore Thermium–Thermium delivers complete windproof protection and stands up to light rain and brief snowfalls. Not only does it protect your legs from exposure to the elements thanks to the durable, rain-resistant membrane, seam sealed construction, and DWR treatment, but it protects the insulation housed inside as well."
Skhoop Supreme Thermium Skirt Review
The Gear Caster
"My last test skirt, the Skhoop Gretchen Windstopper Mini, was hands down the winner, thanks to its light weight and side stretch panels, which allow for full extension while skate skiing"
Mountain Online
"Versatile, insulated overskirt for cold and windy days. Great for walking, waiting for the bus or watching the hockey game in the bleachers."
Skhoop Insulated Skirt Review- Our Ladies Love Them!
Down Wind Sports
". Skhoop out of Alaska has a great variety of insulated skirts and I love mine for cold weather camping."
Tips and Tricks for Cold-Weather Backpacking
Snowshoe Magazine
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